Trust & Leadership

Rethinking leadership through a trust lens.

Some books you can read to before approaching a difficult conversation
A trust lens on micromangementWhen do you feel the need to control things/people at work? The need to control everything can be a sign of a low-trust culture or relationship.…
Rethink Thread: It’s time to give yourself an AToday’s Rethink Thread question: Where in your life can you set yourself an ‘A’ grade as a possibility to live into? We can all get better at se…
Do you rank your values?
Rethink Book Club Thread: Deliberate imperfectionToday’s thread is inspired by this week’s Rethink Book Club recommendation this week, Four Thousand Weeks: Time and How to Use It, by the brilli…
Rethink Book Club: Oliver Burkeman's book Four Thousand Weeks
Why your #1 goal should be to change your goals
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