I find awe in the innocence of my five-year-old niece. It never ceases to amaze me how things in life can feel like they're falling apart, yet she is jumping, dancing, smiling, and finding pure amusement in the simplest things.

I also had many awe moments walking across Galata Bridge in Istanbul, Turkey. I had one every time I crossed that bridge towards the Egyptian Bazaar on the other side: the view of the mosques, the bazaar, the fishermen along the bridge, the noise, the colors, and the boats were breathtaking.

Great post <3

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I have something I do every few weeks called nature therapy.

My therapist and I walk through a chosen wood, forest, fen and talk about issues but also find awe in so many things during our walk. Rising mist from a lake; a falling leaf's path to the ground; the sound of the wind simply passing your ears; a fast striding elder, smiling and enjoying their day. And yes, like Dangie' example, everyday things are there to be awe inspiring if we just take notice of them.

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