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I’m honoured that Rethink with Rachel is a Substack Featured Publication for 2023! 🙂

“Rethink” means two things to me. One, it’s a way of sharing ideas that I hope will make you think differently about life and work. It can be hard to carve out the time and headspace to cut through the information clutter to find insights that spark fresh thoughts or feelings. Joining the dots across disciplines is what I take great pride, care, and joy in doing.

Rethink is also a way for me to have a closer, more direct relationship with readers, writers, designers, students, entrepreneurs, leaders, and thinkers. Hello!

It’s a place for me to experiment with new emerging ideas and to see your responses and hear your feedback. You’ll see sneak peeks of new projects and writing drafts. It’s a more personal and meaningful space to create a connected community that I haven’t been able to create on other social media platforms.  It’s a place for me to share all the things I listen to, read, watch, and enjoy.

Rethink is really a space to do more thinking (and less doing). Some of you have told me how the ideas shift your lens on something important or prompt an interesting or even difficult conversation. It is so rewarding when you share with me how you take an idea and put it into practice.

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I’m lucky to have such a thoughtful and interesting community of paying subscribers. Here’s what some Rethinkers have to say:

I supported your work because the weekly newsletter is great and I wanted more great content to ponder! Thank you very much. - Josh

I don’t even remember how I found you, but I have got something dear out of every newsletter and I am so grateful to see them in my inbox. I have also shared them with important people in my life. - Joan

I really enjoy the way you reframe concepts and ideas to challenge me to think differently. My work is developing the capabilities of school leaders, so I am always seeking to learn and grow myself. - Steph

I have enjoyed reading your newsletters after being referred by Adam Grant, who has had a positive impact on my growth and success. - Christina

I support your work because reading your newsletters makes me think differently and be more curious about different topics. Each of the free newsletters I’ve read in the last six months left me reflecting on my own work, career and even personal life. Thank you. - Maria Paula


About Rachel

I’m Rachel Botsman. I’ve lived on four continents, given three TED talks, written two acclaimed books, and was the first Trust Fellow at Oxford University. I live in Oxford with my husband, two children, and beloved dog Mack. I’m a gardening enthusiast, book nerd, and artist at heart.

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Rachel Botsman has lived on four continents, given three TED talks, written two critically acclaimed books, and created Oxford University’s first course on trust in the digital world at the Saïd Business School.